Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping massage therapy is often referred to as a "reverse massage”. A glass bulb and fire are used to create a vacuum which is then used to suck the skin up into the glass bulb. Cupping creates space between the skin, fascia, and muscles therein facilitating the free flow of blood and body fluids through the space created. This myofascial decompression allows for the flushing of debris and built-up metabolic waste from the area while encouraging an increased flow of fresh, nutrient rich blood to support the local tissue. While most commonly used in the treatment of everyday aches and pain, cupping is also a great tool for treating colds and flu.


Guasha is an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique (IASTM) which uses a thin rigid tool, traditionally made of water buffalo horn or jade to apply pressure along fascial pathways. Much like cupping, guasha is used for the treatment of both muscloskeletal injuries and illness arising from external pathogens. While cupping tends to work very well of a wide variety muscle tensions, guasha tends to show greatest benefit when used in the treatment of repetitive strain injuries and injuries that affect the tendons and ligaments. 


Tuina is a form of traditional massage that includes soft tissue and joint manipulations. Sometimes there can be structural changes which have hindered the flow of the body's channel which acupuncture alone may take a long time to resolve. By using physical manipulations, tuina may assist in resolving these larger blockages and increase the efficacy or efficiency of acupuncture. The manipulations applied in a tuina treatment are a cross between what you might receive from a massage therapist and a chiropractor. While used sometimes, the high velocity adjustments seen in chiropractics are not as common ins tuina with a preference for  techniques that soften tension around the joints and manipulations that gradually open the joint and create space for the adjustment to take place.


Elements of manual therapy may be included in acupuncture treatments at no additional cost at the discretion of your practitioner

Cupping and/or Guasha as a stand alone service

30 minutes - $40

45 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $60