Chinese diet therapy, known as shiliao, will often be a first line treatment before a herbal formula is prescribed or may serve as the primary treatment for a relatively mild condition. How and what we eat can have drastic affects on our health as it is something we do multiple time every day. Shiliao promotes a diet that adjusts to the seasons and that is balanced, not in the sense of macro-nutrients, but in the five flavours: sweet, salty, pungent, bitter, and sour. A shiliao treatment plan will make recommendations of certain flavours and foods to avoid, others to increase your intake of, and what sorts of spices to include. Recommendations may also include different methods of food preparation such as steaming certain foods while favouring broiling for others.


In the classical Chinese medical texts it is said that the ancients could heal any of their diseases through physical and breathing exercises alone. While this may not be the case in modern society, physical and breathing exercises still play a vital role in maintaining and recovering one's health. In order to maintain a free flow of Qi throughout the body and helps build a strong constitution it is essential to regularly engage in physical activity, even if it is only light activity. Many of the exercise recommendations will drawn on movements from Tai Chi and Qi Gong and synthesize the traditional knowledge of these movements and sequences with modern understanding of exercise physiology.